EU Sponsored Projects

In 2006, three European projects were co-financed with a grant from the Community Framework for Cooperation on Accidental and Deliberate Marine Pollution, European Commission:

As part of these projects, three workshops were organised and tools were developed to improve the level of oiled wildlife preparedness and response in EU Member States, Norway and Iceland.  The proposal for a European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan was developed based on the conclusions and recommendations that came out of the three workshops, with the Response Planning project serving as the overarching programme.

The European Union also funded :

 RIOS (Reducing the Impact of Oil Spills) focused on determining research needed to reduce impacts of oil on wildlife, while EnSaCo (Environment and Safety Management Cooperation on Shoreline Oil Spill Response) brought together relevant authorities and NGOs in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia working on joint oil spill response.