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EUROWA used in oiled wildlife preparedness training for Arctic Russia

A pilot project to begin integration of wildlife rescue into oil spill response in Arctic Russia included a two-day EUROWA Basic Responder Course, which took place in Russia in August 2017. The course, originally developed under the POSOW project (, and further refined by the EUROWA project, was attended by a mixed group of oil company managers, authoritiy regulators and NGO representatives.

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Management training for authorities: a new addition to the EUROWA training suite

Sea Alarm has now developed a one-day Oiled Wildlife Response Managers training course which has been added to the EUROWA suite of courses. The course will be provided in mid-October in Helsinki, to attendees of the Baltic Responder Meeting organized by the HELCOM (Helsinki Commission) Response Expert Working Group on Oiled Wildlife Response (EWG-OWR) and will be made available to other countries and regions outside the Baltic Region upon request. 

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Oiled wildlife response exercise in the Wadden Sea

Elements from the EUROWA Basic Responder Course have been used in a large scale exercise organized in the Dutch Wadden Sea, which took place in early September 2017. Claude Velter of the Wildlife Response Centre Ostend led the wildlife component of this exercise, assisted by Monique de Vrijer of the Karel Schot Wildlife Centre in Rotterdam.

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EUROWA capacity in the EU

The European Commission has recently given its final technical and financial approval of the EUROWA project, marking the completion of an important first stage in developing international oiled wildlife response capability in Europe. Capacity to assist an affected country in response to oiled wildlife was created during the EUROWA project (2015-16) and consists of a team of oiled wildlife response experts and equipment that can be mobilised internationally in Europe via the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

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