April 24 2015

Canary Islands shearwaters impacted by sunken trawler

Three Cory’s shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) have been taken into care on Gran Canaria as part of the response to an oil spill from a sunken Russian trawler. Experts are continuing to patrol the area looking for more oil-impacted wildlife.

April 15 2015

Deepwater Horizon Deepwater Horizon Deepwater Horizon study: dispersant worse than oil for cold water corals

A study conducted by Pennsylvania State University and Temple University has found that several cold water coral species found in the deep marine environment of the Gulf of Mexico are more seriously affected by exposure to the dispersant Corexit9500A®, used during the Deepwater Horizon event, than by exposure to oil alone or a combination of oil and dispersant.

April 10 2015

Updated 16.4.2015: Few wildlife reports in the early stages of Vancouver Canada oil spill

A spill of more than 2 metric tonnes of either bunker fuel or raw crude oil reported on Wednesday 8 April, 2015 is considered 80% contained as of Friday afternoon with few reports of impacts on wildlife in the region. As of 16 April, at least thirty oiled birds have been rescued and are being stabilised for cleaning.

March 4 2015

Deepwater Horizon Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico dolphin die-off: Links to Deepwater Horizon vary by region

Analysis of data from the Northern Gulf of Mexico Unusual Mortality Event (UME) found that this longest running UME is actually a cluster of events involving four distinct groups of dolphins. One of those clusters is strongly linked to the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) blowout.

February 9 2015

Minor oil incident in Ireland affects Dublin swans

Oil from an unknown source made its way into the lake in Sean Walsh Park and the Grand Canal on 7 February 2015. Dublin SPCA has 10 oiled swans in care.

January 27 2015

New IPIECA guidance document on wildlife response planning available

A new good practice guide on preparing for oiled wildlife response, Wildlife response preparedness: Good practice guidelines for incident management and emergency response personnel, is now available online.

January 25 2015

PIB not source of US mystery goo incident

With more than 500 birds now identified as coated in the mystery goo first seen in the San Francisco Bay area of California in mid-January, officials are still unsure what the substance is, or where it came from.

January 20 2015

Sticky substance affecting birds in California could be PIB

21 January Update: Birds are now being found on western side of San Francisco Bay as numbers continue to climb. The latest reports include more than 300 birds found and more than 80 dead. No further information on the nature of the substance is available yet. 

January 9 2015

Cargo vessels return to oil spill affected Sundarban river

Less than a month after a tanker sank on the Shela River in the Sundarbans, the Bangladesh government has reopened shipping lanes through this environmentally sensitive region. Oil bearing traffic will, however, continue to be rerouted via other waterways.

January 8 2015

Used lubricating oil leak affects ducks and geese in Ohio, USA

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research is responding, in cooperation with Nature’s Nursery, to hundreds of ducks and geese affected by an oil leak from a storage tank in Bryan, Ohio, USA.