Duncan Island

Source of pollution: 

The Duncan Island, a freighter loaded with bananas, lost ten containers in a storm off the Frysian Wadden Islands in the Netherlands, and one of the containers punched a hole the size of a football in the hull of the ship, damaging the bunker tanks. The vessel lost an unknown amount of bunker oil, which was reported drifting in the German Bight, smothering the beaches of several German Wadden islands.

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
unknown amount of bunker oil
Wildlife Response: 

Over 1600 birds were reported oiled at sea; over 50 birds were captured, taken into care, but euthanized by the veterinary authorities.

This incident occurred when the wildlife response plan for Niedersachsen, the Federal State where the incident took place, was not yet finalised. However, a central coordination system has since successfully been set up and the incident was evaluated by all stakeholders involved.