Fu Shan Hai

Source of pollution: 
Animals affected
1100-1600 seabirds killed
Species affected: 
Mainly auks and eiders

The Fu Shan Hai, loaded with 66,000 MT of fertilisers sank after a collision with the container vessel Gdynia approximately three nautical miles NNW of Hammer Odde on Bornholm island, between Sweden and Denmark. A total of 1503 tons of oil (heavy and light fuel oil) was later recovered during the response operations.

Ertholmene, the area where wildlife was affected, is designated as an EU habitat area, EU bird protection area and Natura 2000 area. The archipelago has a breeding population of 2000 pairs of eiders, 2500 pairs of common guillemots, 850 pairs of razorbills and 10,000 pairs of gulls (mainly herring gull).