Montara Drilling Platform

Animals affected

Watson, JEM., Joseph, LN., and Watson, AWT. 2009. A rapid assessment of the impacts of the Montara oil leak on birds, cetaceans and marine reptiles.A report commissioned by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the
Arts (DEWHA). Final version completed October 23rd 2009

Although a large rescue response was not mounted, subsequent surveys found seabirds (common noddy, lesser frigatebirds, and wedge-tailed and streaked shearwaters) feeding on fish schooling in oiled waters. False killer whales and spotted pantropical dolphins were also observed swimming near the the drilling platform. Lethargic sea snakes were also found in the area.
sea snakes, green turtles
Species affected: 
common noddy, brown booby, sooty terns,

On August 21, 2009, there was a wellhead blowout and subsequent fire on the Montara Oil Platform in the Timor Sea between Australia and Indonesia. Oil continued to flow from the wellhead until 1 November when mud was pumped in through a relief well.Reports say 17,000 to 85,000 gallons of oil were spilled each day until the well was capped.

Wildlife Response: 

A small number of common noddies, brown boobies and sooty terns were rescued and rehabilitated.