M/V Citrus Pribilof Islands

Source of pollution: 
Animals affected
Species affected: 
King eider, red-faced and pelagic cormorant, pigeon guillemot, common murre (common guillemot) and crested auklet
Total estimate of oiled birds: 
Number of birds released: 
Number of birds into intake: 
Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
Unknown quantity Bunker-C fuel
Wildlife Response: 

US Fish and Wildlife Service initially responded to reports of oiled birds on Saint Paul Island. Findings included approximately 1500 dead oiled birds and a smaller number of live birds. Once the scope of the incident was determined, International Bird Rescue (IBR) was called in to assist with collection, stabilisation, transport and cleaning.
Birds were stabilised at a temporary facility on Saint Paul then flown to Anchorage where IBR maintains an oiled bird care facility which is funded by Alyeska Pipeline Services and Alaska Clean Seas. Birds were returned to Saint Paul Island for release.