M/V Cosco Buscan

Source of pollution: 
Animals affected
Total number of oiled birds counted: 
Common seals and northern fur seals were oiled and salt marsh harvest mouse habitat was affected.Pacific herring embryos were impacted for two spawning cycles.
Species affected: 
US listed species affected included marbled murrelets, brown pelicans and western snowy plover. Beach habitat for snowy plover and salt marsh tidal wetland California clapper rail habitat were also affected.
Number of birds released: 
Number of birds into intake: 

The cargo vessel Cosco Buscan hit the San Francisco Bay Bridge in heavy fog. The hull ruptured, spilling medium grade fuel which spread through the bay and into the Pacific.

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
Approximately 58,000 gallons of medium grade fuel
Wildlife Response: 

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network led the oiled wildlife response with the US Coast Guard overseeing beach cleanup.