Mystery Spill Patagonia

Source of pollution: 
oil platform/installation
Animals affected
Number of live oiled birds counted: 
More than 400 birds were brought into care including steamer ducks, magellanic penguins, grebes and cormorants. Steamer ducks and magellanic penguins are both listed as Near Threatened by Birdlife International. Another 500 birds were estimated to have died in the spill.
Species affected: 
Steamer duck, magellanic penguin, silvery grebe, crested grebe,cormorant
Total estimate of oiled birds: 
Number of birds into intake: 

The Atlantic coast of South America, regularly experiences so-called mystery spills. Sources may include illegal discharge of oil-contaminated bilge and unreported spills which often occur during transfer of oil from shorebased facilites to ships or from offshore rigs onto tanker ships.

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
Unknown amount and type of oil suspected to have been released during loading operations at an offshore platform north of Caleta Cordoba.
Wildlife Response: 

International Bird Rescue/IFAW worked with Fundacion Patagonia Natural to set up and run a temporary cleaning facility in Comodoro Rivadavia. Experienced oiled bird care personnel from CRAM-FURG and Fundacion Mundo Marino worked on the response as well.