Animals affected
In total, 36 birds were captured
Species affected: 
Eiders, long tailed ducks and common gulls.
International support: 

Project Blue Sea and Sea Alarm were invited to provide further assistance. Search and collection was carried out by Norwegian Nature Info (NNI) and the Norwegian authorities supported the rehabilitation.

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
375 tonnes of IFO (intermediate fuel oil)
Wildlife Response: 

The MS Server hit the island of Fedje, N-NW of Bergen, Norway, in heavy storms and broke into two. The incident took place close to wintering areas of seabirds. WWF-Norway worked with the authorities and mobilized their voluntary oil combating brigades in order to assist with the clean-up operations. Sea and Wildlife Alert Norway (SWAN), a local organization in charge of the animal care and rehabilitation set up a bird holding facility on the island of Fedje, one of the most affected areas, where oiled birds from the island were stabilised. A temporary wildlife centre was set up in Sture Terminal, near Bergen, where all birds were transported to for further treatment, until they were ready to be released.