Welcome to the EUROWA website!

EUROWA is a network of European oiled wildlife response experts who have signed the EUROWA Charter, working together to improve professionalism in the field of marine wildlife emergency response.


Oiled wildlife response can be a crucial element in a response to oil pollution at sea. Wildlife such as birds, sea turtles and marine mammals may become affected by oil or other pollutants spilled at sea. In past European spills, the arrival of thousands of oiled birds and other animals added complex problems on top of the other, already challenging aspects of oil spill response activities. European Member states have become increasingly aware of these challenges and progress has been made on filling gaps in European preparedness for such incidents. However, a significant challenge which remains is the development of adequate oiled wildlife rehabilitation capabilities. Although some Member States hold an oiled wildlife response plan and the expertise to deal with live oiled animals in their home countries, the operational standards that would enable countries to pool this expertise together and make it internationally available across Europe are lacking.

To assist in filling this gap, the EUROWA network was created to provide international expert resources for dealing with affected animals in marine wildlife emergencies. The initiative was established in 2015-16 via an EU-funded project, but preceded by many years of informal cooperation between European oiled wildlife responders, pooling their expertise and collaborating on developing joint preparedness and response standards.

EUROWA today is thriving as a dynamic network of European oiled wildlife response experts, working together under the EUROWA Charter.

This website is intended to inform you about the purpose of the EUROWA network, its main achievements and activities. We would like to hear from network Members and any other organisations that are interested to join, to provide further information and answer your questions. Your suggestions for this website are also welcome. You can contact the EUROWA Secretariat here.