Since the end of the EU-funded project to set up EUROWA, Sea Alarm maintains a programme of activities with the network, with a focus on strengthening the coherence between the organisations, expanding on the technical guidelines and training packages and rolling out more training events in Europe. These activities have partially been funded through a project grant kindly provided by Aramco (citizenship programme) and otherwise by Sea Alarm’s own funds. We are very grateful to Aramco for their important and continuing support. 

Key activities

  • Roll out of four international training events:
    • Specialist vet course event
    • Basic oiled wildlife responder course event
    • Advanced oiled wildlife responder course event
    • Specialist/Section Head/Manager course event (planned for autumn 2020).
  • Expansion of the EUROWA equipment stockpile and maintenance programme.
  • A EUROWA summit meeting in 2019 of network members where the concept of a EUROWA Charter was agreed upon.
  • Support to advance national preparedness processes via authority/NGO workshops in three European countries: Ireland, Poland and Spain (2018-19).
  • Further development and updating of the EUROWA Standards series.

In 2018, the EUROWA network, together with some experts from outside Europe, was mobilised to an oiled wildlife incident in the Netherlands – the Bow Jubail incident in Rotterdam Harbour. The response demonstrated that the EUROWA network can mobilise and provide a coherent team of experts who can quickly undertake key roles and responsibilities, giving leadership to volunteers. The team members’ common understanding of objectives, methodology and structures for work floor cooperation are the basis for a powerful service that can assist any European country who has to deal with immediate wildlife challenges following an oil spill.  Lessons learned and new insights raised during the evaluation of the response are being incorporated into the EUROWA standards series.

In late 2019 the EUROWA Charter was signed which provides a basis for EUROWA Network activities and initiatives today.