January 22 2019

EUROWA Module activated during the Bow Jubail oil spill response

Within hours of the of the chemical tanker Bow Jubail incident in Rotterdam Harbour in the Netherlands, hundreds of mute swans moulting in the harbour area were oiled.

January 22 2019

EUROWA partner PRO Bird delivers Basic oiled wildlife responder training in Germany

In March of 2018, PRO Bird presented a EUROWA Basic training session to two German partner organisations, continuing EUROWA’s work of improving response to oiled wildlife in Europe.

January 21 2019

ADVANCED Oiled Wildlife Responder training course in Ireland

 EUROWA partners Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend (WRCO)/ Belgium and PRO Bird e.V.

January 18 2019

POSOW course transitions into the EUROWA portfolio

Since 2014, the European standard for first responder oiled wildlife training has been the POSOW Wildlife course for volunteers, which was developed under Sea Alarm’s coordination, as part of the first EU funded POSOW project (2013-2014).

October 4 2017

EUROWA used in oiled wildlife preparedness training for Arctic Russia

A pilot project to begin integration of wildlife rescue into oil spill response in Arctic Russia included a two-day EUROWA Basic Responder Course, which took place in Russia in August 2017.

October 3 2017

Management training for authorities: a new addition to the EUROWA training suite

Sea Alarm has now developed a one-day Oiled Wildlife Response Managers training course which has been added to the EUROWA suite of courses.

October 2 2017

Oiled wildlife response exercise in the Wadden Sea

Elements from the EUROWA Basic Responder Course have been used in a large scale exercise organized in the Dutch Wadden Sea, which took place in early September 2017.

October 1 2017

EUROWA capacity in the EU

The European Commission has recently given its final technical and financial approval of the EUROWA project, marking the completion of an important first stage in developing international oiled wildlife response capability in Europe.