March 17 2021

Training for Wildlife Professionals in Georgia

On 16 and 17 December 2020, Sea Alarm, together with independent expert Ian Robinson and Philippe Gourlay from ONIRIS, delivered a EUROWA Veterinarian online training event to wildlife professionals in Georgia.

February 18 2021

A new phase for EUROWA – the EUROWA-2 project begins

2021 marks the start of a brand-new phase of EUROWA cooperation, with the kick-off of the EUROWA-2 project.

February 16 2021

Proposal on EUROWA integration for the Baltic Sea Action Plan

In September 2020, a proposal on EUROWA integration for the Baltic Sea Action Plan was approved by the 28th HELCOM Response meeting, pending further approval at Ministerial levels within HELCOM.

February 17 2021

EUROWA network members learn about key international players in oil spill preparedness and response

In its role as coordinator, Sea Alarm was delighted to organise the 2 February 2021 information session with IOPC Funds, ITOPF and OSRL for EUROWA members.

February 15 2021

SON-Respons strengthens the Netherlands wildlife response network

The end of 2020 saw four rehabilitation centres joining the existing SON-Respons network, thus expanding the network of oiled wildlife centres in The Netherlands from five to nine.

February 14 2021

Tabletop exercise ‘Alicia’ takes Eurowa network members through the steps of a response

On 2 December 2020, representatives from the 8 different EUROWA Network members, along with 4 technical experts, gathered online to carry out a EUROWA Tabletop exercise coordinated by Sea Alarm in its role as EUROWA Secretariat.

February 11 2021

EUROWA Equipment Stockpile – New Acquisitions!

Have you been doing a lot of online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here at EUROWA, we have!

February 11 2021

Release of the New ‘EUROWA Basic Oiled Wildlife Response Manual’

The EUROWA network has recently published its new ‘Basic Oiled Wildlife Response Manual ’, providing important guidance for volunteers and first-line responders who may be called on to provide initial first aid care for oil affected wildlife.

August 19 2020

EUROWA Charter signed – important milestone for oiled wildlife response in Europe


The EUROWA Charter is in place and signed by 8 organisations, which signifies that EUROWA now exists as a formal network to further professionalism in European oiled wildlife preparedness and response.

July 24 2020

Advanced oiled wildlife responder training event in Belgium

EUROWA Network partner Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend hosted an international Advanced oiled wildlife responder event in Belgium earlier this year at the Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend.