More than 90 ducks affected after truck accident spills oil into creek in Canada

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is caring for more than 90 oiled ducks from the Mimico Creek area in Toronto after three electrical transformers being transported on a truck that rolled over on a highway ramp leaked an estimated 8,000 litres of oil.

Booms have been put in place by city officials to stop the oil traveling further in an effort to prevent the oil from reaching the nearby protected wildlife reserve at Humber Bay Park on Lake Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Environment staff are also working on this incident.

A second oil spill from a vehicle accident occurred the same day, however no wildlife has been reported from that incident.The driver of the transport truck, who suffered minor injuries, has been charged with careless driving.

Staff at the wildlife centre report that the ducks rescued so far are in good condition and the cleaning and rehabilitation process is underway. In addition to the adult ducks rescued, some chicks have also been taken in to care. The chicks will need to be cared for at the Centre until they are more fully independent but the adult ducks will be released once they are clean and stabilised.  

Volunteers and staff from the Toronto Wildlife Centre will continue to monitor the banks of the creek and rescue any more affected birds as needed.

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