MT Mimosa

Source of pollution: 
Animals affected
Total number of oiled birds counted: 
Number of live oiled birds counted: 
Over 50 birds confirmed oiled, an unknown number of birds and other wildlife affected in inaccessible areas. Of the 50 birds counted, 36 were taken into rehabilitation and, of those, 11 died.
Species affected: 
gulls, cormorants, pelicans, coots, penguins, and possibly other species
Number of birds into intake: 
International support: 

IFAW responders from Brazil and Argentina assisted Chilean responders during this spill.

The spill occurred when the MT MImosoa cut hoses and cargo connections

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
5,800 gallons
Wildlife Response: 

Chilean wildlife rehabilitators initiated rescue and rehabiliation of the small number of animals that were accessible.